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Scott Family, Right Trailers Celebrate Father's Day

AR Elite Studio, Drag Illustrated shared release

Published on Drag Illustrated - Images Taken and Release Written by AnaLee Rodriguez/AR Elite Studio

Motorsports and Father’s Day is like no-other at the Scott’s household, as three generations of accomplished NHRA drag racers celebrate the main reason they got into the sport – their dads. 

Right Trailers Nationwide President, Michael Scott started his company 20 years ago due to the support of his father, who is also the reason he started drag racing. Michael stated, “As my dear friend Tommy D’Aprile once said, in part, drag racing is one of a handful of sports where parents (and grandparents) can participate with their kids for decades. I love that about this sport and the lifelong friends that we have made along the way. My dad was inspirational in so many ways that I could write a book about it.”

Michael works on his cars with his father, Hugh Scott, and now races one of his—a beautiful blue 1963 Top Sportsman corvette. He not only caught the racing fever, but so have his kids, Braxton (15) and Rilee (13). Both kids are making noise in the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League (JDRL). 

The highest title one can get is the highly coveted Wally trophy, which both Braxton and Rilee have won numerous times. They shared that they look up immensely to their parents and that they saw the passion their grandfather and father have for the sport so gave it a try. Braxton was intrigued by the speed and competitive nature of racing and Rilee liked the thought of beating her brother. Rilee mentioned that it did take time to learn and practice, but once she got the hang of it, she was all in!  

This multigenerational racing family will celebrate Father’s Day with horsepower in mind and family in their hearts. 

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