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GmercyU Ranks High in Social Responsibility

Gwynedd Ranks Above National Average in Social Responsibility

Last year in March, all stude

nts were emailed a survey to see how they felt about how the campus’s social responsibility trait was being portrayed on campus and the students responded favorably. The students highly believe in the school’s values, which relates to the social and personal responsibility. The students put Gwynedd above the national average compared to other institutions that also took this survey.

The survey evaluated the students’ work ethic and if they consistently do their best in a wide array of ways within the institute, which was categorized as “ striving for excellence”. There were numerous other dimensions that the survey entailed. A couple of examples are “contributing to a larger community” and “cultivating academic integrity”.

These are only some of the aspects students were surveyed on. Gwynedd ranked at or above the national average on all 16 factors and 5 dimensions.

“There is always room for improvement, but overall we were pleased and felt this external benchmark validated the information we receive each year during our Graduate Finale when the Mission and Values Committee surveys all graduating students” said Sister Catherine “Kati” McMahon, Special Assistant to the President for Mission and Planning.

For Sr. McMahon this was a successful survey and when students were asked about their thoughts on the statistics they also believe it is a great aspect of the institution. Most students do not remember the survey being emailed to them last March, but when asked if they are surprised by how Gwynedd scored higher in many dimensions than the national average, most were not.

“I am not surprised. I don’t think that it is strange because at Gwynedd, students know the core values and the mission of the college, so we try to embody those values. At other universities and colleges students don’t even know what their specific schools core values are, which is why I believe we scored higher than the national average” said Senior Education Major, Emily Downy.

This survey truly shows how passionate and highly socially responsible students are at Gwynedd Mercy University. The mercy core values are not just words to the students, but they take them to heart and aspire to succeed in a merciful way everyday.

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